Basic Projects

Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes (RCLD)

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Basic projects for RCLDs:

In this section, well apply what you've learned, starting with the simplest, not to be confused with least useful, circuits. You can easily build these. In fact, you'll probably spend more time making the connectors for a lot of these. Well...somebody has to do it :-)

Video Bypass:  This uses a single coaxial cable to carry both power and video signal. (I use RG-59 here). This happens because we use a capacitor to block the DC from going to the video ports.

3dB Splitter for video, and for cable TV...

-- more to follow --

I'll make it a policy to actually build and test anything I put on these pages....even if I designed it years ago and have been using it all along.

I'll also make sure the parts are available, and use standard values for resistors and capacitors as much as possible.

I buy most of my electronics parts from JAMECO Electronics   (I also buy from Digikey, and Mouser, but I don't have the links to paste in yet) Jameco is geographically close (a few hundred miles) and my UPS orders always arrive the next business day without having to pay for next-day service.

They ship the same day if you order before noon Pacific time. Click the picture below or the link above and it will open in a new window so you don't have to leave my site to buy your parts.

If you need ANY math help in general,Math Tutor is an excellent site! Even I've used a couple lessons as a review! (opens in a new window) He also has excellent tutorials for using specific calculators, many of which are used in college engineering programs. He even has one for my latest, the HP 50G.

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