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Analog electronics is a very important and useful field despite what the folks who "only do digital" might say. Does their digital circuit operate without a power supply? Do they have any sensors that are NOT analog? Have you ever seen a "digital" antenna?

Analog, generally means a direct comparison to, as in the word analogous.

When dealing with a signal, such as from a sensor, digital circuits are sampled, meaning that the signal is only looked at every so often and therefore not a direct comparison, but an approximation.

Analog means the signal is looked at continuously.

Since you have already studied (here or elsewhere) the Basic Components, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and diodes, we'll pick up with transistors, describing the different types and the many uses for them.

Then we'll move on to other devices, such as emitters and detectors, as well as the fundamentals of power supplies.

I may even throw in some circuits that use vacuum tubes, called "valves" in the UK. The proper name for these devices is Thermionic Valves, so you can see why they are called valves. They are still used in high-end audio amplifiers (much more linear than transistors), guitar amplifiers, and big stuff like radar and radio transmitters.

Projects for transistors can be found in the Analog Projects section along with non-transistor projects. You'll find things there that you can use for your lab and test bench as well as building blocks to some of the more elaborate projects...maybe even something digital...

VERY much more to come.......

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